Transportation is the life-blood of any economy. And yet, our fast-growing urban centres are faced with increasingly clogged arteries.

Car Sharing is the "missing link" in our urban transportation systems. The biggest determinant to vehicle use is vehicle ownership. Car Sharing helps people kick the car-owning habit, without going cold turkey, and with the financial reward of saving money.

Car Sharing should be an important option in every major urban centre. While not a magic bullet to solve all traffic and air quality problems, especially commuter-related issues, it is an important new tool that can deliver real benefits quickly from primarily market-based capital.

Best of all, across North America, city governments & transit agencies have finally begun to understand. Cities like Seattle & Washington,DC have always had strong transit support for car sharing; Philly & Berkeley have replaced part of their city fleet via car sharing; and others are providing on-street and other parking support.

The past and present City RFP list may be helpful to cities and CSO's.

Download a great overview from news articles here. Some Stats

1 shared car replaces 8+ individually owned cars

  • Members giving up a car when they join - 15%
  • Members not buying a new one because they joined - 25%
Car Sharing increases transit usage:

AutoShare Stats:

  • Members using Transit MORE - 27%
  • Members using Transit LESS - 7%
S.Shaheen @ UC Berkley Stats:
  • Trips made by transit Before joining - 35%
  • Trips made by transit AFTER joining - 53%
Car Sharing increases other forms of travel:
  • Members biking/blading MORE - 25%
  • Members biking/blading LESS - 8%
People drive less

Swiss Energy Dept. 2000 stats:

  • Ave. driving reduction, former Car owner - 72%
  • Ave. driving reduction, all car sharing members - 55%+
Misc. Stats
  • The average N.A. car is driven just 66 minutes a day

  • Household income spent on cars:
    • 1998 - 14.8%
    • 1990 - 13.2%

  • # cars made-but-NOT-SOLD in 1998:..... 20,000,000

  • # people who could share these unsold cars:... 300,000,000